Hazel and Sophie

Nell: Would you kindly show me those photos again, please?

Me: Of course. Lovely, aren’t they?

Nell: Who is that playing with my grandchildren?

Me: They’re my grandchildren, Nell. But never mind.

Nell: Who is it?

Me: Are you talking about Hazel and Sophie?

Nell: I know who Hazel is, but who is Sophie? And why is she in the river with my grandchildren without me?

Me: You don’t know Hazel. You met her by the river and you tried to chase her. Twice.

Nell: She was annoying me. Dancing around like a llama.

Me: She’s a friendly young whippet, Nell, and you are an elderly cranky Labrador. You never had a chance of catching her, by the way.

Nell: Never mind Hazel. Tell me about Sophie

Me: After you chased Hazel you were extremely tired, if you remember, so Kev decided to take you home to rest.

Nell: And?

Me: And Alice and I decided to stay so the children could play in the river.

Nell: And?

Me: And while the children were playing in the river we were joined by Sophie and her family.

Nell: Uninvited?

Me: The river is for everyone. I had a lovely chat with Sophie’s family. She’s a Briard and two years old.

Nell: I don’t care what Briard she is. I don’t like strange dogs playing with my grandchildren.

Me: She’s a French sheepdog, Nell, and really friendly. We all had a wonderful time together.

Nell: I should have been there too.

Me: You overdid it, Nell.

Nell: Moving on, Sunday Songs is about to begin and I’d like my family around me.

Me: We’re always going to be your family, Nell. There’s never any need to worry about that.

Nell: I nearly caught that whippet you know.

Me: No, you didn’t. Sorry.

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