I Told You

Nell: I told you he wasn’t all bad.

Me: Just because Lionel King decided to bring The Great Barberino back instead of leaving him on Drake’s Island with the Beefies does not make him a good lion.

Nell: No, but it makes him a lion who has seen the error of his ways.

Me: Sally and her team were so close to getting the evidence they needed.

Nell: Maybe Lionel will help them do that. He’s been in talks with Sally since he got back.

Me: I’m not holding my breath.

Nell: Have you got the hiccups?

Me: Why? Is someone talking about me?

Nell: How should I know?

Me: All I’m going to say is a leopard can’t change its spots.

Nell: And neither can a Dalmatian but what’s that got to do with anything?

Me: I must say The Fake Barberino looked awfully like the real one.

Nell: Yes, but he couldn’t sing.

Me: I quite enjoyed the Barberinos spontaneous duet.

Nell: Not as much as the llamas. How anyone can cartwheel after a huge Sunday roast is quite beyond me.

Me: I couldn’t cartwheel after a salad.

Nell: You couldn’t cartwheel at all.

Me: True. It’s good to have Henry and Horst home.

Nell: Yes, they are a credit to crustaceans.

Me: I thought they were insects.

Nell: Woodlice are crustaceans. They are known as pillbugs or roly-polys in North America.

Me: How do you know that?

Nell: Rupert told me.

Me: Of course. I keep forgetting Knitwear Wolf is Canadian. What does he think of Lionel’s sudden change of heart?

Nell: I have no idea but I know Rupert will do everything he can to support David and defeat the Beefies.

Me: Even work with his rival?

Nell: Rival? Nonsense.

Me: I wish it was. Sorry.

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