Splashing about in the River

Me: Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old paddle or swim in a river.

Nell: Less of the old, please.

Me: You know what I mean.

Nell: Actually, the stones can be a little hard and slippery under paw.

Me: I agree but it’s worth it for the deliciousness of that crystal clear water.

Nell: How would you know?

Me: You told me.

Nell: I said it was refreshing. I didn’t mention the word deliciousness.

Me: I was embellishing.

Nell: You were getting carried away again. Now, word on the street is the Beefies are having an election party on Thursday.

Me: Word on the street? You mean you heard it from your friend Dorothy.

Nell: Yes. Dorothy says everyone’s been invited.

Me: I haven’t.

Nell: Of course you haven’t. You’re clearly in the ‘David Martin for Mayor of Kingsbridge’ camp.

Me: You bet I am.

Nell: The Beefies have asked Lionel King to bring The Great Barberino to sing to the voters.

Me: Will they never learn?

Nell: And Lionel has agreed.

Me: I told you he hadn’t changed.

Nell: But he has. Lionel is going to take The Fake Barberino.

Me: The one who can’t sing?

Nell: Yes, when he starts howling Stephen Seagull will be a laughing stock and nobody will vote for him.

Me: I feel a bit sorry for The Fake Barberino. He probably thinks he has a lovely voice.

Nell: No, he doesn’t. He’s one of Sally’s spies and his name is George.

Me: George Michael had a wonderful voice.

Nell: Well, George Schnauzer doesn’t.

Me: We should have an election party on Thursday too.

Nell: It’s already in the pipeline. In fact Poppy is making sausage rolls as we speak.

Me: My favourite.

Nell: They’re for Thursday. Not now.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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