Where is The Great Barberino?

Me: Do you know why Dave’s downstairs on the yellow chair talking to a couple of Jack Russells in trilby hats with pencils behind their ears?

Nell: Journalists, I expect, wanting a statement from the Mayor of Kingsbridge on the latest developments.

Me: What latest developments?

Nell: Haven’t you seen the headlines in The Growl on Sunday?

Me: Not yet.

Nell: ‘Where is The Great Barberino?’

Me: He’s downstairs having bacon sandwiches in the kitchen with Harriet.

Nell: Quiet. They don’t know that and neither do the Beefies.

Me: So who’s on Lionel’s boat?

Nell: A Fake Barberino. One of Sally’s team.

Me: Do we know where they are?

Nell: Henry and Horst say they’re on their way to Plymouth.

Me: Not to Drake’s Island?

Nell: Yes. Beefy HQ.

Me: I’m awfully worried about them.

Nell: Don’t be. Sally says it’s all under control. As soon as they have enough evidence they’ll be on their way back.

Me: How?

Nell: A group of Navy Seals has surrounded the island with Princess and Sir Roger Blubbery.

Me: He isn’t really a Sir. Poppy knighted him with her sword.

Nell: They’ll escort them back to our beach where Rupert will be waiting on his motorbike to drive them home.

Me: Won’t Henry and Horst get awfully wet riding on a seal?

Nell: They’re wearing life jackets and are secured to The Fake Barberino’s top hat. Do keep up.

Me: Is Poppy still cooking a roast?

Nell: Of course. Everyone will be hungry.

Me: Have Sunday Songs started?

Nell: Not yet. Why?

Me: Somebody’s singing.

Nell: It’s The Great Barberino. Stop him now.

Me: Why? He has a lovely voice.

Nell: The whole team are at risk if the Beefies find out he’s here and not on Lionel’s boat.

Me; Oh yes. Sorry.

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