Sally is Here For a Reason

Nell: I don’t want to discuss this.

Me: Well, you’re going to have to because Sally is here for a reason.

Nell: Yes, she’s supporting David in his campaign to be re-elected as Mayor of Kingsbridge.

Me: I know there was a big meeting and she called you to one side.

Nell: We haven’t seen each other in a while. We needed to catch up.

Me: It was about Lionel King, wasn’t it?

Nell: Yes. But if you say ‘I told you so’ I’m leaving.

Me: I won’t. Even if I did.

Nell: It seems that word has reached Sally that Lionel might be in league with the Beefies.

Me: I told you.

Nell: What did you say?

Me: Nothing.

Nell: The Beefies are planning to force The Great Barberino to vote for Stephen Seagull.

Me: He doesn’t have a vote. He’s just visiting from Canada.

Nell: Everyone has a vote.

Me: Are you sure?

Nell: Anyway, the upshot is that David and I will not be sailing over to the island with Lionel.

Me: Good.

Nell: But The Great Barberino has bravely agreed to.

Me: To what?

Nell: To sail with Lionel.

Me: He can’t do that. The Beefies are going to steal his vote.

Nell: Never fear. Sally’s team will be running the ship.

Me: I know that, but what about The Great Barberino?

Nell: I mean the real ship. Sally’s team are going to disguise themselves as the crew.

Me: He’s going to notice Harriet.

Nell: Not Harriet. She will be with us. Henry and Horst.

Me: I don’t want to be negative but Henry and Horst are woodlice. What are they going to do?

Nell: I beg your pardon? We are talking about Henry and Horst here. There is nothing they can’t do.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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