Gazebos and Toast

Me: My pocketful of happiness today is that the new gazebo has arrived and I can sit outside safely and read.

Nell: Tony was impressed with it.

Me: He was. When Kev first started putting it up I thought it was going to be too big but it’s actually perfect.

Nell: Yes, there’s plenty of room for us all under it.

Me: And the sun worshippers can still enjoy a little sunbathing.

Nell: I presume you’re referring to David.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He loves the warmth of the sun on his fur.

Nell: He overheats. Silly animal.

Me: Says the Labrador with an electric blanket on her sofa.

Nell: Chloe says it’s good for my arthritis.

Me: The grandchildren loved it when they were visiting. They were all warm and toasty.

Nell: Talking of toast, what do you prefer with your boiled egg?

Me: Soldiers to dip in.

Nell: Obviously, but toasted or untoasted?

Me: It depends on the bread. If it’s fresh then definitely untoasted with lots of butter but if it’s a bit stale then toasted.

Nell: Crusts on or off?

Me: Off, please.

Nell: I’m not making you boiled eggs and soldiers.

Me: Why ask?

Nell: My friend Dorothy and I are doing a survey. She thinks people prefer a bread roll with their eggs, or even no bread at all.

Me: That’s shocking.

Nell: Exactly what I said.

Me: Where did she get that idea from?

Nell: Naughty Nigel I expect. He’s on some kind of health kick and has been filling her head with nonsense.

Me: So Dorothy and Nigel are still a thing?

Nell: If you mean are they stepping out together then yes, they are.

Me: How exciting.

Nell: It’s Dorothy and Nigel not Romeo and Juliet.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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