What a Day!

Nell: What’s David doing in your bed and why aren’t you in it?

Me: He’s just keeping it warm for me. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. I’m calling him Doctor David.

Nell: How are you feeling?

Me: Much better. Yesterday was quite a day.

Nell: You can say that again. There we were quietly enjoying our elevenses when you start wailing.

Me: I was in dreadful pain, Nell. I really was. I thought I was going to faint.

Nell: I know.

Me: I must have pulled a muscle in my back and it went all down into my leg. It was excruciating.

Nell: We’d finally managed to get you settled when the next thing we knew two impossibly handsome young men were making their way upstairs to your bedroom.

Me: They were doctors, Nell. But yes, they could have easily played the lead in Bridgerton.

Nell: It was kind of them to visit you.

Me: They wanted to check it wasn’t anything serious and I wasn’t able to get to the surgery as I was in such pain.

Nell: They were certainly here very quickly.

Me: Yes. Thank goodness for the NHS.

Nell: The main thing is everything is under control now.

Me: It is and I’m a lot better today. I just have to take things easy and keep taking my medication.

Nell: You really haven’t had the best of times recently, have you?

Me: No, I haven’t. Something good needs to happen.

Nell: It will. Trust me.

Me: In the meantime cuddles with Doctor David are helping.

Nell: I’m afraid David has a busy schedule today. You can’t expect the Mayor of Kingsbridge to spend all day in bed.

Me: Except he isn’t actually the mayor.

Nell: Drink your tea before it gets cold, please.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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