Many Pocketfuls of Happiness

Me: I’ve got many pocketfuls of happiness today.

Nell: That’s good to hear.

Me: The beauty of Devon in May with its lush green grass.

Nell: Yes. It’s delightful under paw.

Me: The amazing sight of all those little sailing boats wending their way past River Beach.

Nell: They were lovely to see and their laughter and enjoyment was a pleasure to hear too.

Me: And the unexpected kindness of someone who knew I needed cheering up.

Nell: You’d better explain to everyone.

Me: Well, I received a call on Monday from Sarah who owns the Cottage Hotel with her brother William to tell me someone had left me some flowers at reception.

Nell: How very kind.

Me: Yes. They didn’t want to be named and they didn’t leave a note but they read my posts and knew I was going through rather a tough time at the moment.

Nell: You are.

Me: So yesterday you, Kev and I went to collect the flowers and we had a lovely lunch on the terrace.

Nell: You were wearing long sleeves, a hat, sunglasses, Factor 50 suncream and sitting under a parasol, in case anyone is worried.

Me: Yes, I’m being very careful. You make sure of that.

Nell: Skin cancer is not something to be trifled with.

Me: No, it isn’t.

Nell: Have you put that cream on your nose?

Me: Yes. I look like I’ve been in a fight.

Nell: It’s burning the cancer away. That’s all that matters. And you’ve only got one more week of it to go.

Me: Anyway, the flowers are beautiful and whoever left them for me thank you so much.

Nell: People can be very kind if you let them.

Me: They certainly can.

Nell: You’re greatly loved you know.

Me: Yes. Thank you.

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