A Carpet of Flowers and a Mayoral Chain

Me: My pocketful of happiness today is seeing all the flowers growing on the hill near the beach.

Nell: They were beautiful.

Me: Yes. Like a carpet of loveliness.

Nell: Harriet ran straight into the sea as usual.

Me: Yes, I was still on the top of the cliffs and she was already in the water.

Nell: You were rather slow.

Me: I wanted to take my time and enjoy it all. It feels like everyone rushes everywhere nowadays.

Nell: You’re right.

Me: Gosh. It’s not often I hear you say that.

Nell: Have you spoken to David recently?

Me: We shared a couple of boiled eggs at breakfast.

Nell: When you say ‘shared’, do you mean he ate yours?

Me: I’d almost finished.

Nell: How did he seem?

Me: A little bit frazzled, if I’m honest.

Nell: Being Mayor of Kingsbridge is definitely taking its toll.

Me: Except he isn’t actually the Mayor.

Nell: So many responsibilities and then the latest problem with the mayoral chain.

Me: What problem? And it isn’t a mayoral chain, it’s a safety chain.

Nell: They promised him it wouldn’t rust.

Me: Rust?

Nell: He would never have gone swimming in it had he known.

Me: I’m a bit annoyed about that too.

Nell: How can a mayor expect his people to listen with a rusty chain?

Me: His people?

Nell: The townsfolk of Kingsbridge and beyond are all relying on their mayor to guide them through.

Me: Through what?

Nell: Fortunately The Cat has several sparkling chains in its dressing up box so we can replace it if needs be.

Me: It’s not for decoration, Nell.

Nell: I feel bacon might be needed to get us through the day.

Me: You’re not the Mayor. Dave is.

Nell: Glad you’ve noticed.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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