Shouting at Sheep

Nell: You look thoughtful.

Me: I’ve been lying here in the tiny part of the bed Harriet has kindly left me watching the sheep in the field with Poppy.

Nell: Poppy’s asleep.

Me: She is now but she wasn’t earlier.

Nell: I know. She and Manuel were in the kitchen making bread.

Me: Being an octopus must be an advantage.

Nell: Poppy says Manuel is quick but not always thorough. She’s been showing him how to knead the dough.

Me: Well, after that she came upstairs and shouted at the sheep.

Nell: I don’t know why she thinks they can hear her.

Me: Everyone else can.

Nell: I’ve told her repeatedly to leave that kind of thing to the farm dogs but she won’t listen.

Me: Poppy doesn’t do listening. She’s a Show and Tell kind of girl.

Nell: She certainly didn’t enjoy school.

Me: I can’t imagine Poppy at school.

Nell: When I was teaching the puppies I found her very disruptive.

Me: What did she do?

Nell: Interrupted lessons dressed as a pirate waving her sword and telling them to stop wasting time on books and to get out into the real world.

Me: Sounds like something you say to me.

Nell: You have too much imagination for your own good sometimes.

Me: Only sometimes?

Nell: The occasional escape into a fantasy world is allowed but you must keep your feet firmly on the ground and it’s my job to make sure you do.

Me: Thank you.

Nell: Talking of ground, we need to find £15,000,000.

Me: 15 million pounds?

Nell: Yes. Burgh Island is up for sale along with the hotel.

Me: I’m afraid we’re struggling to stay here in our cottage. We don’t have that kind of money.

Nell: One can still dream.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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