Poppy Has Had Enough

Me: You’re such a faithful companion, Nell.

Nell: What’s brought this on?

Me: I was thinking about it when we were down on the beach. You follow us wherever we go.

Nell: I’m going to be 11 on Tuesday and I have arthritis so I’m not going to be rushing ahead.

Me: You know what I mean. Poppy’s going to be 10 in June but she’s never going to follow anyone.

Nell: Talking of Poppy, I think trouble might be ahead.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: She’s threatened the Blue Mushroom.

Me: The restaurant, or the one in the garden?

Nell: Both.

Me: I didn’t know she spoke French.

Nell: She used her sword.

Me: She didn’t chop its head off, did she?

Nell: No, but she gave it a good hard rap.

Me: Is that why the queue is so much shorter today?

Nell: Possibly, although the car park is quite full. I don’t know where the Whippets Institute are going to park their minibus.

Me: What about the Welsh Corgi Choir? It’s Sunday Songs later.

Nell: Lionel sent Mr Giggles to collect them in his car.

Me: Not everyone appreciates being driven by a hyena.

Nell: He’s fine once you get past those teeth.

Me: Hang on a minute. I can hear a lot of loud bangs.

Nell: Where?

Me: Outside. The balloons are dropping out of the sky.

Nell: Someone’s shooting them down.

Me: With a gun?

Nell: No. With arrows.

Me: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Nell: There’s only one animal here who has a bow and arrow.

Me: Yes.

Nell: And she knows how to use it.

Me: She does.

Nell: We have to stop her.

Me: Do we? They’re only carrying baguettes.

Nell: I ordered some freshly baked croissants.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

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