It’s Too Early To Chat

Nell: It’s too early to chat.

Me: I’ve got an appointment at the hospital and it’s still icy outside so Kev and I are giving ourselves a bit more time to get there.

Nell: Is the appointment about your cancer?

Me: No. Don’t worry. It’s an asthma test.

Nell: I could go with you if you like?

Me: I’d rather you stayed here and looked after the others.

Nell: As long as you know I’m more than willing.

Me: I do. Before I go though, I just wanted to check that you know the Stuffed Tiger is sitting next to you on the sofa.

Nell: Of course I know and its name is Beaumarchais.

Me: Do you think it might be related to Beauregard?

Nell: Beauregard is a real tiger not a stuffed toy. Do try and be a little more realistic.

Me: Their names are awfully similar.

Nell: Yes, I noticed that too.

Me: Almost like someone is trying to make us think Beauregard has something to do with it.

Nell: Yes. Although the someone is not as clever as he or she thinks they are.

Me: Why?

Nell: If you were trying to move a stuffed tiger around without anyone knowing you wouldn’t call it Sara Jane, would you?

Me: I wouldn’t call anyone Sara Jane.

Nell: What I mean is Beauregard wouldn’t call the Stuffed Tiger by a name similar to his own.

Me: Maybe all tigers have names beginning with Beau?

Nell: Nonsense. Helen Mitchell has a stuffed tiger and her son calls it Foxy Bingo.

Me: Gosh. So, there’s more than one of them?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Maybe they’re working together?

Nell: Maybe you should put your hat and coat on. Kev is waving at you to hurry up.

Me: Yes. See you later. Sorry.

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