Boxing Day

Me: Thank you for looking after Kev so well while I was gone. Did he enjoy the singing and the interpretive dance?

Nell: Yes, but the ham was his favourite.

Me: What ham? You don’t mean Dave, do you? I know he can overdo his acting sometimes but that’s a bit harsh.

Nell: No. Poppy cooked a Christmas ham and Kev had sandwiches in bed.

Me: I’m glad he ate something.

Nell: Yes. Lionel offered to carve but I decided Rupert should be the one to do it.

Me: You made the right decision.

Nell: How was your Christmas lunch?

Me: Really lovely. The food was delicious and it was wonderful to spend time with my sisters and Scarlett.

Nell: I noticed you brought back a plated meal for Kev.

Me: Yes, he’s going to have it today. He was too tired last night.

Nell: Just to let you know that David nearly ate it by mistake this morning.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Fortunately Sally stopped him just in time.

Me: I noticed a few sausages were missing.

Nell: It can happen.

Me: What does that mean?

Nell: Things go missing at Christmas. No bother. Now, did you notice any Beefies in Santa hats on your way home?

Me: No, but Knitwear Wolf and Lionel look very smart in theirs, or hadn’t you noticed?

Nell: I noticed. Moving on, we thought a brisk walk on the beach would be just the thing later.

Me: That’s a marvellous idea, Nell. Kev might even manage to join us for a short walk.

Nell: Yes. Fresh air is good for the soul.

Me: Look at you getting all poetic in your old age.

Nell: Less of the old, thank you madam. None of us are getting any younger.

Me: No. You’re right. Sorry.

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