Down by the River and Nell has a Good Idea

Me: We thought you would enjoy going down to the river for your favourite walk.

Nell: I do. There’s nothing like paddling in a cool river on a warm summer’s day.

Me: I agree. The water is so fresh and clear.

Nell: The children loved it too when they were here.

Me: They had such a wonderful time.

Nell: Not that I would know, of course. I wasn’t included.

Me: There wasn’t room in the car, Nell, and it was too hot.

Nell: Kev and I could have gone in his car.

Me: We were trying to consider the environment and fuel is so expensive. These are difficult times, Nell.

Nell: Yes, you’re right. I apologise.

Me: Gosh. That doesn’t happen very often.

Nell: I know you’re worried about all the price increases.

Me: It’s hitting everyone hard at the moment.

Nell: What about publishing a book of my poems?

Me: Now, that’s a good idea.

Nell: Everyone seems to enjoy them, if I say so myself.

Me: They do. You’re an accomplished poet.

Nell: I do my best.

Me: Let me talk to Kev and see what we can do.

Nell: And while you’re at it, David wondered if you might be interested in releasing his book.

Me: Dave’s written a book?

Nell: You know he has. ‘Meals I Ate By Mistake’ by David Martin.

Me: Oh yes. We should get it out there.

Nell: You’re going to have to limit the number of meals, though. The list of recipes is endless.

Me: Dave has made an awful lot of mistakes.

Nell: Concentrate on my poems first. It only needs to be a little book.

Me: That’s it. ‘Nell’s Little Book of Poems’. The perfect title.

Nell: Off you go then. No time like the present.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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