Poppy has a Wild Moment

Nell: I would stay away from the living room if I were you.

Me: What’s going on?

Nell: Poppy’s having a wild moment.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: It happens now and again. Harriet is dealing with it.

Me: Do we know why she’s turned wild?

Nell: Jim the Farm Dog still isn’t back from wherever he’s gone and Poppy is used to her daily basket of eggs.

Me: Can’t Malcolm collect them?

Nell: Malcolm is too beaky.

Me: Flamingos can’t help their bent beaks. I think it has something to do with feeding upside down.

Nell: David has offered to help but he can be clumsy and his paws are too large.

Me: What about Harriet?

Nell: I don’t think she wants to go to the farm without Jim.

Me: What can we do?

Nell: Rupert says he’ll organise something. He’d collect them himself but chickens aren’t fond of wolves.

Me: I could go if you like.

Nell: Your mornings are for writing. Hopefully Jim will be back soon.

Me: Did he and Harriet have a falling out?

Nell: Not as far as I know, although they haven’t spoken for a while.

Me: That’s not good.

Nell: Harriet lost her voice. Remember?

Me: But it’s back now.

Nell: Jim doesn’t know that.

Me: Someone should tell him. Maybe he’s gone to look for it. Maybe he’s scouring the land for a trace of his sweetheart’s voice. A whimper, or a gentle bark.

Nell: Good grief. Calm down. I’ll suggest Harriet texts him on his iBone.

Me: She should call him. Then he’ll know her voice is back.

Nell: Good idea.

Me: Wow. Yesterday you apologise and today you tell me I’ve had a good idea. Maybe you’re starting to see me differently.

Nell: Don’t count your chickens.

Me: No. Sorry.

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