A Rainy Sunday

Me: Have you seen the puppies?

Nell: They’re under the kitchen table with Poppy.

Me: Why?

Nell: She got rather wet collecting eggs in the rain for this morning’s full English breakfast and needed warming up.

Me: I didn’t know we had chickens.

Nell: We don’t but the farm next door does. Where did you think we’ve been getting all our fresh eggs from?

Me: A basket outside the front door.

Nell; Well, yes that’s where Jim usually leaves them but he’s away.

Me: Where has he gone?

Nell: I don’t know.

Me: When is he coming back?

Nell: I don’t know that either.

Me: Harriet won’t like it.

Nell: No, she won’t. Could you stop interrogating me, please? It’s Sunday morning and I haven’t even finished my Earl Grey tea.

Me: Breakfast is going to be late if Poppy is snuggling with the puppies.

Nell: You know perfectly well that we have two breakfasts on a Sunday. One before Sunday Songs and one afterwards.

Me: I thought that was Elevenses.

Nell: It is. Extended Elevenses today as there will be no lunch.

Me: No lunch?

Nell: Nobody needs lunch after a full English breakfast.

Me: Dave does.

Nell: David can make a couple of bacon sandwiches for later then. Why were you looking for the puppies? And I wish you would stop calling them that.

Me: I thought they might like to watch the ‘Neighbours Finale’ with me.

Nell: You’ve seen it already.

Me: I know but I could watch it again. It’s the end of an era. My family have been following that soap for 37 years. I can’t believe it’s over.

Nell: Nothing lasts for ever.

Me: No.

Nell: Except for ‘The Archers’. Would you like to listen to the Omnibus with me?

Me: Yes, please. Sorry.

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