The Votes Are In

Me: Good morning, your Majesty.

Nell: The Cat has gone too far this time.

Me: I’m delighted you’ve been chosen as Jubilee Queen. You definitely had my vote.

Nell: While I greatly appreciate all the support, I can’t say I’m happy with The Cat’s choice of crowns.

Me: If it was up to me I would say the tiara is a little more you.

Nell: It’s not very discreet though, is it?

Me: I don’t think discreet is part of The Cat’s vocabulary.

Nell: What’s wrong with a simple hat and a string of pearls?

Me: A hat’s not enough. You’re the Jubilee Queen. The public have spoken.

Nell: At least I’m not alone.

Me: Exactly. Dave will be beside you as the Jubilee King.

Nell: It’s not only David. There’s more than one queen.

Me: I know but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be busy elsewhere.

Nell: I’m talking about the others.

Me: What others?

Nell: That’s what Poppy was telling Kev.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: I am not the only queen.

Me: Who else is there?

Nell: Harriet has been chosen as The Young Queen.

Me: What a lovely idea.

Nell: There’s more.

Me: Really?

Nell: Poppy is appearing as The Pirate Queen.

Me: With her cutlass?

Nell: Of course. But that’s not all and you’re not going to believe this.

Me: I just might.

Nell: Gladys is performing as The Dancing Queen.

Me: With the llamas?

Nell: Yes, in full ABBA costume along with the Welsh Corgi Choir.

Me: Not in platform boots?

Nell: Oh yes.

Me: That’s an accident waiting to happen.

Nell: It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Me: I had platform boots when I was a teenager in pale blue and yellow.

Nell: I wish you hadn’t told me that.

Me: Sorry.

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