Nell is Welcoming

Me: What have you been up to?

Nell: Why?

Me: Were you outside flirting with one of the cleaning team?

Nell: I was merely chatting to a very nice young man and making him feel welcome.

Me: I haven’t noticed you making anyone feel welcome before. You’re usually rather grumpy.

Nell: I don’t like to be disturbed. We were discussing Golden Retrievers, if you must know.

Me: Anyway, how was last night?

Nell: Kev slept downstairs on the sofa again, which was reassuring, although I’m not sure he got much sleep after Harriet joined him.

Me: Oh dear. Was there a lot of coughing?

Nell: Both puppies had a bad bout of coughing at 3:30am, especially Harriet. I think her coughing triggers David.

Me: Yes, he worries.

Nell: They are both in good spirits today so maybe we are through the worst of it.

Me: I shall keep dosing you all with Manuka honey.

Nell: Poppy won’t touch it.

Me: I know. She gives me a hard stare when I try and give it to her. How are you and Poppy?

Nell: We still have a slightly sore throat but we are fine otherwise.

Me: Maybe you have escaped getting it badly, Nell.

Nell: Now, the weather is getting colder and nights are drawing in.

Me: Yes. There’s a definite feeling of autumn in the air.

Nell: So Knitwear Wolf is organising soft blankets and scarves for everyone. You need to choose a colour.

Me: I noticed Myfanwy was wearing a particularly soft scarf when I saw her earlier.

Nell: Myfanwy?

Me: Yes, she was with Knitwear Wolf. I think he was taking her to dance rehearsals on his motorbike.

Nell: Myfanwy was on Rupert’s motorbike?

Me: No. In the sidecar.

Nell: You know what I mean.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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