Friday Cuddles with Kev

Me: Dave and Harriet can’t resist joining in when Poppy is having cuddles with Kev.

Nell: David can be a little over enthusiastic.

Me: At least they are both feeling a lot better even if they are still coughing now and again.

Nell: David has been particularly unwell with it. Perhaps because he caught it first.

Me: I know you have it too, Nell. I heard you coughing last night and again this morning.

Nell: Don’t worry it is all under control. Poppy is making me soup and I am taking it easy.

Me: But I do worry. You are all very precious to me and you’re not the youngest anymore.

Nell: You and me both.

Me: Yes. All this illness can make you feel rather old.

Nell: Enough of that. I was talking to Kev and he thinks a short walk on the beach is called for.

Me: It’s quite a trek over to the dog beach and there are the steps to negotiate.

Nell: You’re forgetting something. Today is the 1st October. The big beach is open to dogs again.

Me: Oh yes. How wonderful.

Nell: Plenty of room to stretch our legs.

Me: Yes, and feel the wind in our hair and the salt on our faces.

Nell: I don’t need salt on my face thank you very much.

Me: It’s invigorating.

Nell: If the puppies continue to improve, dancing will recommence next week.

Me: That’s good to hear.

Nell: David’s partner Rhubarb the Bernese Mountain Dog is expected to arrive from Toronto tomorrow.

Me: Where is she staying?

Nell: In The Barn with the larger animals. Olive the Other Reindeer is away on sleigh pulling exercises so she can have her bed.

Me: Gosh. I suppose Christmas isn’t that far away.

Nell: Don’t start.

Me: Sorry.

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