Harriet is unwell now too

Me: How are you feeling, Nell?

Nell: A little tired. Harriet is most unwell.

Me: When she started coughing and being sick we knew she had kennel cough.

Nell: I have a slight cough and so does Poppy, but nothing major as yet.

Me: Oh dear. The vet said you might catch it.

Nell: It’s actually a good thing that Chris had to delay his visit.

Me: I suppose so.

Nell: Kev will definitely need to rest today. He slept downstairs with us all again and it was an extremely restless night. Someone was sick on his bed.

Me: Poor Kev. Should Harriet be outside?

Nell: A little fresh air won’t do her any harm and the sun is shining.

Me: She seems dreadfully down.

Nell: She’s missing the beach. Not being able to go on a walk is very difficult for an active animal like her to accept.

Me: I’m afraid rest is essential. Any kind of exercise or excitement can bring on a coughing fit.

Nell: Well, porridge could certainly never be seen as exciting. Even with Manuka honey.

Me: How is Dave coping?

Nell: David is still being sick but not bowed down by it. He’s a great source of comfort to Harriet even if his voice is a little croaky.

Me: He’s not trying to sing to her, is he?

Nell: No. He’s sharing comforting memories and telling her all about the happy times ahead.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: The happy times involve a great many bacon sandwiches.

Me: I thought they might. I do hope you and Poppy don’t get kennel cough.

Nell: It is what it is. We will get through this together. Let’s concentrate on David and Harriet for now and make sure Kev has some rest.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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