Toby is a Good Boy

Me: Isn’t Toby just the sweetest little puppy?

Nell: Yes, I’m looking forward to meeting him.

Me: He already knows how to play Cheeky Animals. Look at his little face.

Nell: Clever pup.

Me: He went for his first walk yesterday and Sue says he was a really good boy.

Nell: Of course he was. He’s David’s nephew.

Me: I still can’t get over the fact that my Big Brave Beautiful Boy is an uncle.

Nell: Well, he is. Have you heard the latest?

Me: Oh dear. Now, I know we were supposed to have croissants for breakfast but hot buttered toast is still tasty. Especially when it’s covered in Poppy’s home made marmalade.

Nell: What on earth are you talking about?

Me: Dave meant to share but they were fresh out of the oven and crumbly in the mouth and once he’d eaten one the rest just followed.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: It was an easy mistake to make and he is ever so sorry and he is going to try awfully hard not to do it again.

Nell: And pugs might fly.

Me: Don’t you mean pigs?

Nell: No. Anyway, it isn’t about croissants.

Me: That’s a relief.

Nell: It’s about dancing. Have you seen the leaflets the Beefies are handing out?

Me: No. Although strictly speaking, Beefies don’t actually have hands.

Nell: Strictly is the word.

Me: Why? The Beefies aren’t entering the competition, are they?

Nell: I hope not. But according to the posters advertising the dancing school, Juanita is one of the professional dancers.

Me: How exciting. Is the Portuguese Podenco involved too?

Nell: He might be. And we don’t know he is Portuguese.

Me: I feel like he is.

Nell: I feel like a croissant but that’s not happening, is it?

Me: No. Sorry.

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