Pillow Testing

Me: Where are Dave and Harriet? I haven’t seen them this morning and they usually come upstairs to check on me.

Nell: David and Harriet are downstairs in the living room Pillow Testing with Kev.

Me: Did you say Pillow Testing?

Nell: Yes. David is particularly involved in the research. He has extremely sensitive paws for a large animal and a delicate touch.

Me: Does he? I hadn’t noticed.

Nell: Yes. Finding the right pillow is a complicated process. They need to be soft to the touch but with the right amount of bounce.

Me: I know what you mean but why do we need new pillows?

Nell: We don’t need them. You do.

Me: I do?

Nell: Yes. You’ve been coughing all night and it simply cannot continue.

Me: I can’t help it, Nell. It’s this awful cold. There’s nothing I can do.

Nell: We know that. You need greater support. But don’t worry because the right pillows are going to help you.

Me: Are they?

Nell: Yes. Harriet and Kev are squashing them right now.

Me: Squashing them?

Nell: Yes. They are far too hard at first. You don’t know a lot about pillows, do you?

Me: Not as much as you.

Nell: David is gently poking them to check for consistency. There’s nothing worse than a lumpy pillow.

Me: Well, I’m impressed. I do have one question though.

Nell: Yes.

Me: Aren’t the pillows going to be awfully hairy after all that squashing?

Nell: Hair can be hoovered you know.

Me: Yes, but it’s quite a nuisance.

Nell: Nothing is too much trouble when one is in the pursuit of an ideal pillow. We dogs are experts.

Me: You don’t have to do the hoovering though.

Nell: We can’t do everything.

Me: No. I suppose not. Sorry.

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