Father’s Day

Me: Look who came to see you all even though he is officially on holiday.

Nell: It was very kind of Tony to visit us.

Me: It certainly made Dave’s day.

Nell: Talking of days, today is Father’s Day here in the UK.

Me: Yes, although I’m not sure if it is anywhere else in the world.

Nell: We would still like to wish a very happy day to all you fathers out there.

Me: We know it can be a sad day for some families so please know we are sending you our special love.

Nell: Yes, and you can be sure your father is watching over you.

Me: Fathers come in differing forms, don’t they?

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: Some are stepfathers, or father figures.

Nell: We shall celebrate them all.

Me: It’s been quite a week of celebrations. I’m rather looking forward to a quiet Sunday.

Nell: I agree. I’d forgotten how exhausting tap dancing can be.

Me: PC Panda was a revelation. Who would have thought he could be so light on his feet?

Nell: I think he has more than a few admirers in the Whippets Institute. He was inundated with cakes later.

Me: They did seem rather impressed.

Nell: They were wasting their time. He’s a scone kind of panda. Fairy cakes leave him cold.

Me: Like offering Knitwear Wolf a t-shirt instead of a cardigan?

Nell: A t-shirt? The mere idea.

Me: Never mind.

Nell: Are some of those Welsh corgis lying down?

Me: Don’t worry we’ve provided them with blankets.

Nell: You can’t sing from a blanket.

Me: I think it sounds lovely.

Nell: I suppose we are all a little tired today.

Me: We are.

Nell: Where is my blanket, by the way?

Me: They’re just borrowing it. Sorry.

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