Do tigers roar?

Me: I’m glad we were able to take you all to the activity field yesterday because the weather is dreadful today.

Nell: Yes. Poppy enjoyed the paddling pool.

Me: It was good to see Dave and Harriet running off the lead. You didn’t do much running.

Nell: I prefer taking my time and Kev needed someone to sit with him.

Me: Did he really though?

Nell: As his primary Carer I need to be on standby.

Me: Primary Carer?

Nell: Moving on, there has been an unfortunate incident this morning.

Me: Was Knitwear Wolf late with the papers?

Nell: Rupert is never late.

Me: Did Dave have two breakfasts again?

Nell: David always has two breakfasts. Early cereal with Malcolm and a substantial breakfast later.

Me: Why Malcolm?

Nell: It is David and Malcolm’s Special Time. The house is quiet and they can talk things through.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: Everyone needs a Special Time.

Me: Why don’t we have one then?

Nell: We’re having one now. Where was I?

Me: An unfortunate incident?

Nell: Oh yes. Beauregard and Oliver have been taken into custody for questioning.

Me: What?

Nell: To be honest I think Beauregard is the one who’s been reported and Oliver just went along too. Those two are inseparable.

Me: What has he done?

Nell: Disturbed the peace.

Me: Has he been playing his trumpet again?

Nell: Not as far as I know. Apart from Sunday Songs of course. I think it was the roaring.

Me: Do tigers roar?

Nell: It’s more of a very loud growl. You can actually feel it. Anyway, apparently a Beefy fell out of the sky and suffered minor injuries.

Me: It can’t have been Oliver then. Opossums definitely don’t roar.

Nell: We know that. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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