But nobody else is playing

Me: What’s Dave doing?

Nell: Sitting in the yellow chair.

Me: He’s got one eye closed.

Nell: Yes, it’s perfectly obvious.

Me: No, it isn’t.

Nell: He’s playing ‘I Spy’.

Me: For Sally? I didn’t know Dave was one of her spies. I thought it was just Harriet and Roley Moley. Although I’m not entirely convinced that Beauregard isn’t involved in some way.

Nell: What are you wittering on about?

Me: Dave being a spy.

Nell: David is playing the game ‘I Spy’. The puppies love it.

Me: Why is he closing his eye then?

Nell: ‘I spy with my little eye’. Do keep up.

Me: We never close one eye when we play it.

Nell: Then you’re not playing it properly.

Me: But nobody else is playing with him. My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He looked over at you and you were just sleeping.

Nell: I was pretending to be asleep.

Me: Why?

Nell: It gives me time to think of the answer. Honestly you really don’t know how to play, do you?

Me: But how is Dave to know you are playing?

Nell: David has to wait. He must Exercise Patience.

Me: That’s ever so boring.

Nell: No, it isn’t. You never know when the answer is coming and you never know where it is coming from.

Me: It will be coming from you, Nell. There’s nobody else in the room.

Nell: You’re here.

Me: Yes, but I’m not playing.

Nell: David doesn’t know that.

Me: I didn’t even hear what the something begins with, Nell. I don’t have a chance.

Nell: That’s your own fault.

Me: No, it isn’t.

Nell: You need to listen more. ‘Bacon!’

Me: Why did you suddenly say that?

Nell: The answer is always bacon. David sees it everywhere.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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