Sunday Goofy Face

Me: It’s going to be another hot day.

Nell: I know. The puppies and I just got back from a gentle stroll around the orchard before Sunday Songs.

Me: Sweet Harriet has her goofy hot face. Bless her.

Nell: It is not a goofy face. You have taken the photo from an unflattering angle.

Me: I think she looks adorable.

Nell: Now, we have another week of birthdays coming up.

Me: Yes, we have.

Nell: Poppy’s tomorrow, your sister Charlotte’s on Thursday and the Puppies’ on Saturday.

Me: I can’t believe Poppy will be 8 and the Puppies will be 4. I used to be able to hold Dave in my arms.

Nell: A strange thought.

Me: Yes. When Scarlett took him out for me yesterday she said it was like walking a small pony.

Nell: It was very kind of Charlotte and Scarlett to come over and help with our walk. I needed no help, obviously, but David and Poppy can be a handful.

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy is just over enthusiastic but Poppy is wild.

Nell: Yes. I don’t think being 8 is going to change that. Poppy’s cooking roast chicken today, by the way, but not until the evening because of the heat and the football.

Me: Oh yes.

Nell: England are playing at 2pm, so no distractions please. We will all gather in the living room at precisely 1:30.

Me: When you say ‘all’ you don’t actually mean ‘all’, do you?

Nell: I’m not expecting the Welsh corgi choir or the Whippets Institute to be there, if that’s what you mean, but I’m afraid that tiger will be joining us. He and Oliver are inseparable.

Me: I didn’t know tigers were interested in football.

Nell: England are playing.

Me: Yes, of course. Sorry.

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