Nell: We have some very sad news for you today.

Me: Yes, we do. I can hardly believe it.

Nell: Yesterday Tony and his wife Sue lost their beloved dog Ollie.

Me: He had been unwell for some time with sickness and a cough.

Nell: Yesterday during an exploratory operation the vets found tumours in his throat. Unfortunately he was too weak to cope any longer and he died on the operating table.

Me: There was nothing anybody could have done.

Nell: Tony, Sue and their family are devastated at this sudden loss.

Me: It is so very sad. Ollie was their darling boy and they loved him dearly.

Nell: Yes.

Me: We only saw him a few weeks ago when we were filming the Old Gaffers down at The Cottage Hotel.

Nell: Yes. I’m glad they came over last night and we were able to offer them some comfort.

Me: So am I. You were very kind to Tony. Cuddling up to him and keeping him close. You are normally so reserved.

Nell: I know when someone needs me.

Me: Dave just covered them both in love. You all did.

Nell: That’s what we do best.

Me: Please join us by sending Tony and Sue your support and the strength to get through this.

Nell: I know Ollie was only with them for a short time but it was a very happy one.

Me: Yes, it was. He was such a cheerful boy.

Nell: Now Ollie is no longer in any pain and is watching over them as their Guardian.

Me: He was so young, Nell. Just two years old.

Nell: And that is why Mutley is with him, along with his brother Milo and Seamus. He is not alone. They are there too.

Me: You are right. Sorry.

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