Marvin is Two Today

Nell: I know this is a sad time but we must also look forward and celebrate the happy things in our lives.

Me: And one of the really happy things is our dear little Marvin.

Nell: Yes. Marvin is 2 today and since being rescued by Chris and Shannon he has been living a wonderful life in Toronto in Canada.

Me: Yes. Look at him enjoying the sunshine. Darling pup.

Nell: He is not a pup. He is a young dog.

Me: He’ll always be a pup to me.

Nell: Marvin is coming along really well with his studies. He has been attending my zoom classes regularly and is working very hard on becoming a little braver.

Me: I know he can feel easily scared.

Nell: Unfortunately this is something that a lot of rescue dogs have to deal with in their lives. Dear Mutley often told us of his struggles in the early years.

Me: But love can change everything and look at Marvin now. So shiny and smiley.

Nell: Shiny and smiley? Good grief.

Me: Anyway, Happy Birthday darling Marvin from us all.

Nell: Yes, Happy Birthday.

Me: On another note I know Tony and Sue would like me to thank you all for your kind words. They really do mean a lot.

Nell: Yes. It is important at times like these to know you are not alone.

Me: We have such wonderful followers, don’t we?Our world is a happy, loving place and I am so happy that you all have joined us in it.

Nell: Talking of joining us, you do realise that tiger is still in the tree house, don’t you?

Me: Do you mean Beauregard?

Nell: Of course I do. How many tigers do you think there are sitting in trees in Devon?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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