Harriet is finally in the yellow chair

Me: Hurrah! Harriet is finally in the yellow chair.

Nell: Not for long.

Me: Now that is unkind, Nell. Let her stay there.

Nell: She can stay there all day if she likes. It matters not a jot as far as I’m concerned. But she won’t. Look at her face.

Me: She does look a little worried.

Nell: Exactly. And that won’t do. If you are going to go in the yellow chair then own it. Claim it as yours and sit proudly.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: The yellow chair is not for the meek. Harriet is sitting there waiting to be told to leave. Anxious Sitting is not comfortable at all.

Me: No, that’s like me in a dentist’s waiting room.

Nell: Yes. You’ve hit the snail on the head.

Me: No, I haven’t. I would never do that.

Nell: It’s just a saying. Snails are very slow and need to be chivvied along now and again.

Me: Hitting someone on the head is more than chivvying.

Nell: Moving on, the yellow chair needs to be enjoyed.

Me: But Harriet is justifiably anxious because you, or Dave will probably push her off.

Nell: I’ve never pushed anyone off anything. That’s something cats do.

Me: Well, you will give her a hard stare and a growl until she moves.

Nell: I might mumble something under my breath but nothing more.

Me: And Dave will climb up and squash her.

Nell: She’s used to being squashed by David.

Me: I think we all are. He’s such an affectionate Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He can’t help himself.

Nell: Either way, Harriet won’t be sitting in the yellow chair for long, so take a photo now.

Me: How do you know I am going to take a photo?

Nell: Are you?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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