Showers and Sunshine

Me: Well, that was a lovely day, wasn’t it?

Nell: It was certainly lovely to be back at The Cottage Hotel again. Even in the rain.

Me: You could have come inside the pod with Kev and I you know. We were perfectly dry.

Nell: I wasn’t getting in that thing.

Me: You were happy to stick your head inside for a chip.

Nell: I was invited out to lunch. That doesn’t mean watching someone else eat.

Me: Even when you are so good at it?

Nell: Food is meant to be shared. We Labradors merely encourage it.

Me: I caught you playing Cheeky Animals outside the hotel.

Nell: There was an exceptionally rude Beefy sitting on one of the guest’s cars harassing arriving guests.

Me: How unpleasant.

Nell: The hotel has been closed for so long that the Beefies think they can rule the roost.

Me: Hooligans.

Nell: Guests don’t want to arrive at their holiday destination to be greeted with a wet mackerel in the face.

Me: It’s certainly not the best start to a holiday.

Nell: It gives completely the wrong impression.

Me: You and Kev spent an awfully long time on the beach contemplating the sea.

Nell: I know.

Me: I do some of my best thinking down by the sea. Were you pondering the meaning of life?

Nell: No. It’s very hard to ponder when you’re sitting on cold sand and the sea is coming in.

Me: The sun came out eventually though. Bathing everything in a warm glow.

Nell: It was freezing.

Me: It was a little chilly but the feel of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair can still lift your spirits.

Nell: Not as much as a nice cup of tea and a scone.

Me: No. Sorry.

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