Looking out for me

Me: Are you warm enough?

Nell: I’ve got a whole blanket covering me up so I’m sure I’ll be fine. Stop fussing.

Me: It’s just that Chloe says we need to keep you warm with your arthritis.

Nell: Well, that’s very kind of you but David does a good job of Snuggling up to me too.

Me: I’m glad you let him. He does like to feel needed and he has the necessary skills.

Nell: You know David. Once he’s decided on Snuggling he tends to follow through on it.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Now, it’s your second vaccination today.

Me: I know it is. Kev and I are so excited. We have been counting the days. I feel quite emotional.

Nell: Never mind emotions. The weather is appalling so make sure you wear your rain jacket and a hat as you may have to queue outside.

Me: I will. Don’t worry.

Nell: And take an umbrella. Just in case.

Me: I’m not a fan of umbrellas.

Nell: They do their job. Poppy has made you both a light picnic.

Me: That’s awfully kind of her.

Nell: Just a few sandwiches. Ham for Kev on white and prawn for you on brown.

Me: Our favourites.

Nell: There’s lemon drizzle cake, too and a flask of hot tea.

Me: Last time we were in and out of the vaccination centre really quickly, Nell. We might be lucky again.

Nell: But you never know and a picnic is always welcome.

Me: Yes, it is and we appreciate you thinking of us.

Nell: Thinking of you is what we dogs do best. It is in our nature.

Me: It’s good to know you are looking out for me, Nell.

Nell: You and me. Always. You know that.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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