Tudor Ham and Bitey Faces

Me: Look at you playing Bitey Faces with Harriet on the bed this morning.

Nell: Everyone has their moments.

Me: Full of the joys of Spring.

Nell: Spring is my favourite season.

Me: So, is it just the weather that’s put you in a good mood?

Nell: No. I had an excellent breakfast.

Me: Bacon?

Nell: Poppy has made some exceptionally good marmalade, if you must know. I had it on hot buttered toast with a lovely cup of Earl Grey.

Me: I’m putting the recipe for that in the next book.

Nell: Good idea. Although I’m surprised she agreed to share it.

Me: I had to do a lot of pleading with her. She’s awfully precious about her recipes.

Nell: I just hope you get the one for Lemon Drizzle cake.

Me: I will.

Nell: What do you think about Tudor Ham?

Me: Tudor Ham?

Nell: Poppy has a wonderful recipe passed on through the generations.

Me: You’re not going to tell me that there was a Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier cross at the court of King Henry VIII are you?

Nell: Of course there was. She worked as a cook in the kitchens. Ask Poppy.

Me: You’re making it up.

Nell: I am not. Mistress Poppy was well known in Tudor circles.

Me: Mistress Poppy? You mean the cook was also called Poppy? Did she bake scones?

Nell: Do pugs fly?

Me: You mean pigs.

Nell: I do not.

Me: Are you telling me that there was a Mistress Poppy in Tudor times baking scones?

Nell: And cooking a particularly delicious ham. Funnily enough it’s in Lady Eleanor’s journal.

Me: Lady Eleanor?

Nell: Yes. The black Labrador.

Me: Nell is short for Eleanor.

Nell: I know. How do you think I inherited her journal?

Me: I give up. Sorry.

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