The Art of War

Me: Poppy and Dave are playing Tug of War with one of Kev’s socks.

Nell: Yes, I know. David is being trained in the Art of War.

Me: Poppy doesn’t really think she can win does she?

Nell: She knows she can win.

Me: What?

Nell: And so does David.

Me: But he’s ten times the size of her.

Nell: Yes. That doesn’t matter.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: Poppy has enormous strength of will.

Me: That’s true.

Nell: And she is fearless.

Me: My Big Brave Beautiful Boy can be fearless too.

Nell: But David is kind and gentle.

Me: Yes, he is. Bless him.

Nell: He would never harm Poppy.

Me: Never.

Nell: And Poppy knows it.

Me: So you think Dave will let go first.

Nell: He always does. Poppy is extremely accomplished in the Art of War.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: She knows how to exploit the enemy’s weakness.

Me: Dave isn’t her enemy.

Nell: I know that.

Me: And personally I see his weakness as a strength. I’m proud of his gentle, kind ways.

Nell: I didn’t say David was supposed to win. He’s learning how to accept defeat at the right moment.

Me: Good boy.

Nell: And how to manage his strength.

Me: I see.

Nell: So, he can use it in the right way when needed.

Me: Poppy has the sock.

Nell: She does.

Me: And now she’s dropped it.

Nell: And David is quietly taking it back.

Me: Poppy is trying to grab it again.

Nell: But David is too tall. He is walking away proudly with his head held high.

Me: He won’t be bending his head anywhere near Poppy again.

Nell: I wouldn’t say that. He forgets very quickly. Poppy will get it back again soon.

Me: You’re right. Sorry.

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