Look at the size of him

Me: Look at those darling puppies cuddling together.

Nell: Nobody in their right mind could ever call David a puppy. Look at the size of him.

Me: He’s my puppy, and so is Harriet.

Nell: Anyway, it’s no wonder they are tired after the excitement of yesterday.

Me: You mean when Bowie the Labrador went missing?

Nell: I certainly do.

Me: Everyone was wonderful. Sharing my post and searching for him.

Nell: You do realise the whole of the Royal Owl Force was involved?

Me: Gosh!

Nell: Owl Pacino takes a missing animal very seriously.

Me: Good for him.

Nell: Not to mention Count Bingo Flamingo and his flamingo squad. Malcolm joined them.

Me: Bless him. Although, a flock of flamingos descending on Torquay might have scared Bowie away.

Nell: It’s a flamboyance of flamingos. They were very discreet.

Me: Can you be discreet as a flamingo, though, Nell?

Nell: They are highly trained.

Me: I suppose they look less flamingoish when they’re flying.

Nell: I’m going to ignore that. Princess and Our Penguin insisted on going over to Torquay to join the search. Poor Knitwear Wolf had to take them in his sidecar.

Me: They wanted to stream it on YouChewed to raise awareness.

Nell: She clapped all the way home.

Me: That’s probably because he was found.

Nell: She did it on the way over as well.

Me: It’s a seal thing.

Nell: Anyway, the naughty animal has promised not to run away again.

Me: Good. Poor Irene and Peter were so worried. Bowie is their special boy. I kept imagining how I would feel if Dave went missing.

Nell: David would never run away. And if he did, he would be spotted very quickly. Like I said before. Look at the size of him.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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