Today is the day

Nell: You are awfully chirpy for a Monday morning. Stop dancing around.

Me: Today is the day, Nell. I’m so excited.

Nell: That the pubs reopen? I wouldn’t have thought you would be excited about that. It’s more Kev’s thing. They are going to be dreadfully busy, you know.

Me: No. The hairdressers.

Nell: Oh, I see.

Me: I’m finally going to get rid of these long grey locks.

Nell: Some of us are embracing our grey.

Me: If I had lovely grey like you I would embrace it too. But my hair isn’t quite ready yet.

Nell: Isn’t it?

Me: No. It’s going to be so wonderful to feel like myself again.

Nell: I’m sure it is.

Me: Poppy would understand and Alejandro. They know the relief of a good clipping.

Nell: Well, don’t take it too far, please.

Me: Thinking about it, I am actually rather lucky my hair wasn’t taken and stuffed into dog beds.

Nell: There’s no answer to that.

Me: It could have happened.

Nell: Don’t go saying anything like that at the hairdressers, please.

Me: Why not?

Nell: Let’s just say they will definitely question your sanity.

Me: Has the random clipping stopped since Squawk’s arrest?

Nell: Yes. The Beefies are lying low.

Me: No, they aren’t. A whole group of them flew by just now honking.

Nell: Honking?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Are you sure they weren’t geese?

Me: You might be right. I wondered how they got such long necks.

Nell: The sooner your hair is cut the better.

Me: Why? Do you think my hair affects my imagination? What an interesting idea. Maybe I’ll become more sensible with short hair.

Nell: I seriously doubt it. I meant you can’t see anything properly through that long fringe. Good grief.

Me; Oh yes. Sorry.

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