Sunday Learning

Me: Harriet is still asleep. That’s not like her.

Nell: She found the last few days emotionally draining.

Me: Poor little thing.

Nell: The death of Prince Philip brought back memories of losing Mutley. She misses him so much. They used to sit and read together you know.

Me: Yes, I remember.

Nell: Towards the end, when his sight was failing, Harriet would read to him and he would tell her stories from his past.

Me: Lovely.

Nell: But don’t worry. Poppy is keeping a close eye on her from the new bed.

Me: That’s kind of her. I’m surprised Dave isn’t there too.

Nell: David is busy helping Malcolm and Manuel prepare breakfast.

Me: I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Nell. Mistakes are easily made.

Nell: The only way to stop making mistakes is to learn from them. And the only way to learn is to do.

Me: I suppose so. Personally, I would suggest that the only way to stop Dave making mistakes is to keep him out of the kitchen.

Nell: David has been told the bacon goes in the sandwiches and the pancakes on the plates.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: All he has to do is listen and follow instructions.

Me: Are the Welsh corgi choir joining us for tea after Sunday Songs?

Nell: Yes, and macarons. Malcom made them especially.

Me: It’s lovely to see the sunshine.

Nell: Although one expects sheep in the fields, not dancing llamas.

Me: I don’t.

Nell: Did David just walk past with a bacon sandwich in his mouth?

Me: You said the bacon goes in the sandwich.

Nell: Then onto a plate.

Me: Pancakes go on a plate.

Nell: So why is the plate empty? I said Learning by Doing. Not Learning by Doing Wrong.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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