Love and Loss

Me: You look ever so sad, Nell.

Nell: I am. You’re up early.

Me: I couldn’t sleep.

Nell: It’s the end of an era.

Me: It is. The Duke of Edinburgh has been there for the whole of my life. I can’t believe he’s gone.

Nell: I sent a message to The Queen, by the way.

Me: On WoofsApp?

Nell: I beg your pardon? The Queen doesn’t do WoofsApp. I have written a letter of condolence and left a voicemail.

Me: So, you have her telephone number?

Nell: Of course I do. What a silly question.

Me: I’ve been thinking about how sad she must be.

Nell: Yes. After losing Charlie I know what it’s like to lose the love of one’s life.

Me: I can’t imagine what she is going through. 73 years, Nell. That’s a long time to be together.

Nell: My heart goes out to the family.

Me: Yes. I know Prince Philip was a public figure but essentially he was a husband, father and grandfather.

Nell: Rupert was here earlier.

Me: Was he?

Nell: Yes, he thought I might like the company. He knew I would be thinking of Charlie.

Me: How kind of him. Did he bring the newspapers?

Nell: They’re on the table. He brought me a soft shawl, too.

Me: He’s such a thoughtful wolf. Can I smell bacon?

Nell: Poppy is making bacon sandwiches for us all. David asked for a substantial breakfast to lift everyone’s spirits.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: He’s also offering cuddles to anyone in need of a hug today.

Me: I will definitely have one of those.

Nell: Theirs was one of the world’s greatest love stories.

Me: It was.

Nell: Philip is watching over her now like Charlie is watching over me.

Me: I am so sorry.

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