Who stole the Christmas Decoration?

Me: I need a stern word, Nell.

Nell: David ate the last pancake by mistake. There are more coming. Manuel is flipping them as we speak.

Me: It’s not about pancakes, Although Dave is looking extremely guilty, and so are you.

Nell: The pancakes are particularly delicious today, I must say. David had eaten four of them before he even realised and I had two. Even Henry and Horst joined in.

Me: That’s unusual.

Nell: I think it’s pre-performance nerves. Tomorrow is the big day.

Me: I know. Anyway, I want to talk to you about something.

Nell: You are not going on stage until the end.

Me: It’s not about that.

Nell: If it’s about your costume then I have decided you may have one. The Cat says you look delightful so I suppose we can allow it.

Me: That’s marvellous news, Nell. I won’t let you down.

Nell: It’s only for the encore, mind.

Me: Yes, I know, but at least everyone gets the chance to see my costume and I can actually wear one like everyone else.

Nell: Now, what did you want to talk about? Only I am running late and there is so much to do before tonight’s dress rehearsal.

Me: Somebody stole one of the Christmas decorations off the tree.

Nell: I mean look at the weather. Torrential rain and gale force winds. Where are the Dartmoor ponies going to go?

Me: I thought the llamas were playing the ponies.

Nell: The llamas can’t be trusted not to dance. All that pretending to be camels has gone to their heads.

Me: I think you know who took the decoration and are deliberately ignoring me.

Nell: Look. The Cat is waving at you. You had better go for your costume fitting.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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