The Day of the Pantomime

Me: Poppy and Dave are playing Cheeky Animals in the living room. It’s hilarious.

Nell: Is Poppy winning again?

Me: Yes. My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy just can’t keep up with her.

Nell: She’s a natural.

Me: What’s going on over in the field, Nell? There’s lots of activity.

Nell: That will be Ron Gilbert and his gang.

Me: Do you mean Ron Gilbert the Great Dane from Torquay?

Nell: Of course. He’s brought some of the Australian sheepdogs with him.

Me: I didn’t know they were performing.

Nell: They are putting up the tent.

Me: What tent?

Nell: We can’t be expected to perform outside in this weather.

Me: I thought we were using The Barn.

Nell: Where is the audience going to go?

Me: That’s a relief. I didn’t think we had enough room in The Barn for an audience with the Welsh corgi choir, the Whippets Institute and the Dartmouth Dachshunds all performing.

Nell: What are the Dartmouth Dachshunds doing?

Me: Roly Polies the last time I saw them.

Nell: Well, I wish they wouldn’t. Nobody asked them to. Now, Our Penguin will be filming the performance live and streaming it on YouChewed so friends and family can enjoy it from home.

Me: That’s a lovely idea.

Nell: Yes. But the pantomime still needs an audience so we have issued a few tickets.

Me: Malcom says Count Bingo Flamingo is coming.

Nell: And Owl Pacino and some of the Royal Owl Force.

Me: I hope they’re not sitting near the Beefies.

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: A large party of Beefies have got tickets. I thought you knew.

Nell: That’s totally unacceptable.

Me: They’ve formed their own bubble, Nell.

Nell: I don’t care about their bubble. I’m not having Beefies sabotaging the performance.

Me: Sorry.

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