Back on the Beach

Me: Wasn’t it wonderful to be down on the beach again? Look at Harriet’s happy face.

Nell: It was just what we needed.

Me: Running along the beach with the wind in our hair.

Nell: I didn’t see you running?

Me: I did when the sea suddenly came in.

Nell: True.

Me: Poppy seems a little happier.

Nell: Yes. Knitwear Wolf and I had a chat with her about being the baddie.

Me: I don’t think you should call Poppy a baddie, Nell.

Nell: No. She is playing a baddie in the pantomime.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: And, as we explained to her, everybody loves a baddie.

Me: Yes, we all love to hiss and boo.

Nell: Exactly. So the important thing to do is to have fun with it.

Me: And not actually turn into one.

Nell: Obviously.

Me: Poppy will make a glorious baddie.

Nell: Yes, she will. Rupert also explained how hard it is when people think you are a real baddie and are genuinely scared of you.

Me: Wolves don’t always have a good reputation.

Nell: And how much better it is to be a pantomime baddie like Poppy.

Me: What did Poppy say?

Nell: She said she quite liked the idea of people being scared of her.

Me: Typical Poppy.

Nell: But she winked afterwards so we knew she was only joking.

Me: So are Poppy and Manuel going to dance the Pasa Doble?

Nell: They certainly are and the Welsh corgi choir are accompanying them as senoritas with castanets.

Me: How adorable.

Nell: I’m not sure about Gladys and the llamas dancing flamenco but I’m willing to give them a try.

Me: Shame I’m not a Talking Bull instead of Bowl. I could have joined them all on stage.

Nell: Enough.

Me: Sorry.

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