Poppy is Sulking

Me: What’s the matter with Poppy? She looks awfully glum.

Nell: She’s sulking. Just ignore her. She’ll get over it.

Me: Why? Is it this horrid grey rainy weather?

Nell: Poppy’s bad mood has nothing to do with the weather.

Me: She’s not going to go wild, is she? Only I’m not dressed for confrontation.

Nell: That’s not Poppy’s fierce face.

Me: But is she Poppy today, or the Evil Mrs Snow?

Nell: A combination of the two, which is what she’s like most days, to be honest.

Me: What happened?

Nell: If you must know, she had a run in with Wibbly Wobbly Woof during rehearsal.

Me: Manuel is coming out of his shell then?

Nell: He’s an octopus, not a lobster.

Me: I never mentioned lobsters.

Nell: With hindsight Gladys probably shouldn’t have suggested a Pasa Doble.

Me: Did Manuel get carried away?

Nell: Have you ever seen an octopus twirling a cape?

Me: I can’t say I have.

Nell: It’s spectacular.

Me: He is from Barcelona.

Nell: Everyone was applauding until Poppy marched on stage and shouted ‘This has to stop!’

Me: Was that in the script?

Nell: No, but I always allow for a little improvisation.

Me: Did Manuel stop?

Nell: Not until Poppy sliced through his cape with her sword.

Me: That wasn’t very nice of her.

Nell: No. Everyone booed. I blame it on the chilli. She made spicy fajitas for lunch and she gets easily overheated.

Me: Was Manuel upset?

Nell: Yes. He said ‘You very bad naughty evil Mrs Poppy Snow.’

Me: I’d keep that line in, if I were you.

Nell: I’m keeping the whole scene.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: Poppy doesn’t agree.

Me: Nobody likes to be upstaged by an octopus.

Nell: The show must go on.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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