The Beefy Shake

Me: What is Naughty Nigel doing waving his head at the sky? Has he got water in his ears?

Nell: No. He’s doing ‘The Beefy Shake.’

Me: Is this something to do with yesterday? Only Boo and Seamus seem quite tired today.

Nell: They’re new to Devon. They’ll soon get used to it.

Me: Get used to what, Nell? What on earth did you all get up to yesterday?

Nell: Well, the journey to the beach was a little eventful as some of the tourists weren’t expecting such large animals to be walking down the lanes.

Me: Olive the Other Reindeer is going to be less surprising soon.

Nell: Yes, she’s got a busy time ahead. In fact Monty the Moose has offered to wear antlers to help her out.

Me: Those Mounties are so kind.

Nell: Knitwear Wolf took Princess and Our Penguin in the sidecar and she clapped herself all the way there. I wish she wouldn’t do that.

Me: It’s a seal thing.

Nell: As we walked onto the beach we heard music.

Me: How exciting.

Nell: It was David and his band Driftwood Bark playing ‘The Beefy Shake.’

Me: I don’t think I know it. How does it go?

Nell: ‘Well now you shake it to the left,
Shake it to the right,
Do the Beefy shake shake
With all of your might. Oh baby, come on and shake.’

Me: That’s very catchy, Nell.

Nell: Naughty Nigel absolutely loves it. Everyone joined in, waving their heads and flapping their ears, where possible, of course.

Me: Do you mean Henry and Horst? Woodlice don’t have ears, do they?

Nell: No. They shook their antennae. What on earth are you doing?

Me: ‘The Beefy Shake.’

Nell: But you’re inside and there are no Beefies.

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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