Seamus lends an ear

Me: Have you seen Poppy? Dave says we’ve run out of bacon.

Nell: Poppy is upstairs in your bedroom pouring her heart out to Seamus.

Me: Is she?

Nell: Yes. They’re on the bed and she is telling him all about John and Babycakes Gillespie.

Me: Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Nell: She’s making herself out to be completely innocent, of course.

Me: Is she tilting her head and opening her eyes wide?

Nell: Yes. And he’s hanging on her every word and saying ‘Oh dear. You poor little thing.’

Me: She’s probably missing Mutley, Nell. She always used to confide in him.

Nell: How can we have run out of bacon already? I’m going to have to address this at Morning Thoughts.

Me: Must you?

Nell: Yes. We’re discussing Greed with particular reference to David and his Eating by Mistake.

Me: My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: How can someone eat a whole gammon on the way from the kitchen to the dining room?

Me: I expect he had a little taste and couldn’t stop. He left the pineapple.

Nell: He doesn’t like pineapple.

Me: True.

Nell: Fortunately Poppy had cooked two more for our picnic today.

Me: Picnic?

Nell: I thought a trip to the beach might be nice for our visitors. Our Penguin will be filming. We shall make some memories.

Me: Wonderful. Are John and Babycakes coming too?

Nell: I don’t know but Naughty Nigel has something planned and Gladys and The Cat are involved. I caught them whispering.

Me: Maybe that’s why Boo is wearing sunglasses. He’s incognito.

Nell: Stop getting carried away. Boo is simply recovering from a late night playing poker with the larger animals.

Me: Really?

Nell: Thursday nights are poker nights. Everyone knows that.

Me: I didn’t. Sorry.

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