Dave is in demand

Me: Why isn’t Dave having breakfast with Harriet?

Nell: He had a couple of early clients.

Me: Clients?

Nell: Yes. His caring skills are in huge demand. The llamas told the cows about his understanding ways and now everyone wants to talk to him.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: He is fully booked. He only managed to grab a bowl of cereal this morning. Poppy offered him a boiled egg but he refused.

Me: Dave refused food?

Nell: He takes his work very seriously. But don’t worry Malcolm is making him a few macarons to get him through the morning.

Me: Well, he seems to be listening to someone out there but I can’t see anyone.

Nell: My biscuits are on young Benjamin Beefy.

Me: Don’t you mean your money?

Nell: No. A Labrador only gambles with biscuits.

Me: Of course. What’s wrong with Benjamin?

Nell: He’s simply not cut out to be a travelling salesbird.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: He wears a tank top for a start and when people aren’t interested in buying Gull No 5 he says never mind it’s not that nice anyway.

Me: It isn’t.

Nell: And Our Penguin’s documentary is trending on YouChewed so the Beefies will know all about it.

Me: Someone needs to tell the Beefies that Benjamin should be allowed to be a normal seagull. He isn’t cut out to be a Beefy.

Nell: Yes. It’s Malcolm and the Flamingo Foreign Legion all over again.

Me: Only with mean Stephen Seagull in charge, not kind Count Bingo.

Nell: I can’t see that dreadful bird listening to reason but David could give it a try I suppose.

Me: Dave can’t be the head of an evil gang of seagulls.

Nell: No, he could talk to Stephen Seagull. Do keep up.

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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