Forgiveness is all

Nell: David would like to apologise for a mistake he might have made yesterday.

Me: You mean eating my sardines on toast?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Through the back of the chair?

Nell: Yes. He was a little too keen to help with the clearing up. It’s an easy mistake to make.

Me: I’m surprised you’re defending him, Nell.

Nell: At Morning Thoughts we were discussing the importance of Forgiveness and I thought I should lead by example.

Me: I hadn’t finished.

Nell: To be fair to David you should not have walked away from the plate.

Me: I went to get some more tonic water.

Nell: You have three Labradors and a Maltese cross. You cannot walk away from food.

Me: I suppose it was a little naive of me.

Nell: Exactly. But don’t worry we forgive you.

Me: Hang on a minute, Nell. You can’t turn this around. I’m not the one who needs forgiving here.

Nell: Anyway, the good news is that the book is starting to be delivered across the US now and the UK will hopefully follow next month.

Me: Yes, I’m ever so pleased. I know people have been waiting for ages and I’m so grateful for their support.

Nell: We need to ask people to rate it, though, as the stars really matter, and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads as this will help us greatly.

Me: It really will but I don’t like asking. It’s so pushy.

Nell: Good grief. Just let everyone help you get it out there. These are difficult times.

Me: Dave still shouldn’t have eaten my sardines. I haven’t forgotten about it.

Nell: Forgiveness is all. Just move on. Another day. Another sardine.

Me: I can’t believe you just said that.

Nell: Mistakes happen.

Me: You’re right. Sorry.

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