Who is in the handbag?

Nell: Could I have a word, please?

Me: What have I done now?

Nell: Why do you always think you’ve done something?

Me: Because I usually have.

Nell: Have you seen today’s Daily Growl?

Me: No. Not yet.

Nell: Berry Pomeroy thinks he’s coming with us to the palace.

Me: Who on earth is Berry Pomeroy?

Nell: The Face of Birdberry, of course. Do keep up.

Me: I thought it was a female.

Nell: Well, it isn’t. It’s a very annoying male and according to the Daily Growl he is joining David Martin as a guest on his upcoming visit to The Queen.

Me: Does Dave know?

Nell: I have no idea. He is out with The Cat and Gladys.

Me: I suppose it can’t do any harm if Berry Pomeroy wants to join us. I mean everyone else is.

Nell: We can’t have an arrogant bird parading around and showing off when we are trying to enjoy a quiet chat and a warm scone with The Queen.

Me: Her Majesty will be used to peacocks. You shouldn’t be so judgemental. Not all peacocks are the same.

Nell: Have you read the article? ‘Berry Pomeroy enjoys nothing more than a night out on the town shaking his tail feathers.’

Me: Gladys is going to love him.

Nell: What’s that dreadful kerfuffle outside?

Me: Dave is back and he is carrying a large handbag.

Nell: Maybe he will finally stop stealing mine. Is Gladys in it?

Me: No. It looks like a Birdberry bag and Gladys definitely isn’t in it, although someone else might be.

Nell: How do you know?

Me: Because Gladys and The Cat are talking to the peacock. And they are all wearing Birdberry scarves.

Nell: I meant who is in the handbag.

Me: I can’t tell. Sorry.

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