Little Marvin has grown

Me: Look at Little Marvin. Hasn’t he grown?

Nell: He’s turning into a very handsome pup.

Me: It’s been rather cold in Toronto recently so I hope he’s keeping warm.

Nell: We can ask Knitwear Wolf to send over some soft pullovers from his new Pupwear line.

Me: I didn’t know he had one.

Nell: Oh yes. He and The Cat are holding auditions as we speak.

Me: Auditions?

Nell: After the Face of Birdberry fiasco, they have decided to find the Face of Pupwear.

Me: Has the Face of Birdberry been chosen?

Nell: Yes. The wretched Beefies decided on a peacock. I mean have you ever seen a peacock in a trench coat?

Me: Not yet.

Nell: It doesn’t work. Peacocks can model necklaces, or even hats, but not coats.

Me: Why?

Nell: Feathers, of course. The whole point of a peacock is its feathers. You don’t cover them up.

Me: I expect it looks good in scarves, and I can definitely see a peacock with a handbag.

Nell: Anyway, Rupert and The Cat are out looking for puppies as we speak.

Me: What about Marvin? Or Tony’s Little Ollie?

Nell: Marvin is in Canada and Little Ollie is more Big Ollie nowadays. I think they are looking for someone smaller.

Me: Well, there’s definitely no chance for my Big Brave Beautiful Boy then. Even though he has supermodel looks.

Nell: If you are referring to David, he is more than busy keeping an eye on his sister.

Me: Is Harriet still taking notes?

Nell: Yes. Spying in a beret and sunglasses. The silly animal has taken it too far, as usual.

Me: I bet she looks awfully stylish in them, though.

Nell: No. David is the one wearing the beret and sunglasses. Not Harriet.

Me: I see. Sorry.

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