And Guests

Me: So, I know I had a little too much champagne yesterday, but why are you three wearing hats?

Nell: I would have thought the answer was obvious.

Me: Well, we all wore hats at my party yesterday, which was amazing by the way, but the party is over.

Nell: Au contraire. The party has just begun.

Me. Now I am really confused.

Nell: David’s invitation from the Palace arrived this morning.

Me: That’s wonderful. My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy is meeting The Queen.

Nell: Having afternoon tea with The Queen to be exact.

Me: I can see why Dave might be wearing a hat but why have you and Harriet joined in?

Nell: The invitation says ‘Her Majesty The Queen requests the company of Mr David St. John Martin and Guests.’

Me: I didn’t know Dave had a middle name.

Nell: That’s not the point. ‘And Guests.’ Plural. More than one.

Me: Oh, I see. Gosh. Do we know how many?

Nell: Not yet. Myfanwy is going to ask Lady Anwen for details, although personally I would say the number seems flexible.

Me: Would you?

Nell: Yes. The Cat has a vast selection of hats for everyone to choose from at the Big House. Mutley and Poppy are over there now.

Me: Are they?

Nell: Yes. Gladys chose a large feathered hat earlier and Henry and Horst are wearing their berets.

Me: That makes sense.

Nell: Malcolm, Susan and Timothy are going over later and Alejandro has his own sombrero.

Me: When it says ‘Guests’, Nell, it might not mean ten.

Nell: I hope it means more than ten. Charlie will be accompanying me and then there are the large beasts and Ginger and we mustn’t forget Sally and Jim the Farm Dog.

Me: Of course not. Sorry.

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