Sundays are Cuddle Days

Me: Look at you all cuddling with Kev.

Nell: Yes. We came to an important decision at Morning Thoughts today.

Me: I’m all ears.

Nell: Don’t be silly. You’re not a rabbit.

Me: Never mind. What decision?

Nell: Sundays are now officially Cuddle Days.

Me: Good. There is nothing like a good cuddle. Especially when it’s cold and frosty outside.

Nell: I would like to point out that Cuddle Days are not exclusive to Sundays, however. They can also be on other days, if required.

Me: That’s a relief. It would be wrong to limit them.

Nell: If an animal is feeling a little low, for instance, or in need of support, then a cuddle is appropriate.

Me: Yes.

Nell: There are many varieties of cuddles. Happy ones. Sad ones. Fierce ones.

Me: I’m not sure I like the idea of Fierce ones.

Nell: Fierce ones can be used when someone needs to calm down. You can also sit on them, of course. That usually does the trick.

Me: Dave is good at that.

Nell: Cuddles can be given by anyone.

Me: Including me?

Nell: Yes, it is one of your skills.

Me: I feel a certain degree of portliness helps.

Nell: Haven’t I asked you not to mention the word portly?

Me: My mistake.

Nell: Even large beasts can give and require cuddles.

Me: Dave loves them.

Nell: David is one of our top cuddlers. He needs to practice Waiting to be Asked, however.

Me: My Big Brave Beautiful Boy is just affectionate.

Nell: Not everyone wants a cuddle. Lady Anwen was quite taken aback.

Me: So was the delivery man.

Nell: Quite.

Me: Why aren’t you in that photo, by the way? You love cuddles from Kev.

Nell: Who do you think took it?

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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