2020 is going to be our year

Me: It’s the end of a decade.

Nell: I am aware.

Me: And the dawning of a new one.

Nell: Are you in one of your philosophical moods again because I’ll need a cup of Earl Grey and some shortbread if you are?

Me: I’m just ruminating on times gone by.

Nell: Well, don’t ruminate too long, please. Some of us have things to do.

Me: It’s been a rather life changing decade.

Nell: Yes, it has. I was born for a start.

Me: You all were.

Nell: Not Mutley.

Me: No. But Jonathan Sky and Faye Raine.

Nell: Yes. Such happy times.

Me: We lost my mother and little Monty.

Nell: We did.

Me: But the smiles outweighed the tears.

Nell: They did.

Me: Alice got married and so did Charlotte. We moved to Devon.

Nell: Are we going to have a long list now, only I think you should definitely put the kettle on?

Me: I think 2020 might just be our year.

Nell: I am inclined to agree.

Me: The book comes out on 28th April.

Nell: It’s extremely exciting.

Me: And a little terrifying. I hope people like it.

Nell: Do stop. Just look at the title.

Me: ‘Conversations with Nell.’

Nell: Exactly.

Me: Do you know what I’m looking forward to most?

Nell: Seeing the book in print?

Me: Yes, and actually meeting some of our readers at the book signings.

Nell: Yes. Now could you ask The Cat to come and see me about tonight’s party, please?

Me: Why The Cat?

Nell: David and his Merry Dogs are performing ‘Robin Woof’ and there’s a problem with Henry and Horst’s hats.

Me: Too many sequins?

Nell: No. More feathers. They are being eclipsed by the larger animals and we can’t have that.

Me: No. Sorry.

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